MILANO Switches are made from unbreakable, fire proof, heavy duty plastic. The switches test as per ISI 3854 from 6 amp to 32 amp, the sockets test as per ISI 1293 from 6 amp to 16 amp and the switch socket test as per CE (European Standards). They are tested for 100,000 operations of "On" & "Off". The switches are an integral part of interior designing, and are not only works of art but also very durable, sturdy and long lasting. They combine sophisticated, appearance with performance year after year of use. The switches are fully covered with Sound over Rocker mechanism, preventing visibility of sparks and protecting aganist dust accumulation. MILANO Switches have silver alloy bi-metallic contacts for avoiding contact welding.
Unique Features
Milano Sockets come with spring loaded components, which do not allow arching, sparking of plug Tops and elimentes the burning of contacts. All MILANO sockets including the international sockets have child protection safety shutters.
6A 2 Pin Socket
6A 2 Pin Uni.
6A 2/3 Pin
Multi Socket
6/16A 2/3 Pin
Universal Socket
6/13A Pin
13A Flat Pin
(British Type)
16A 2 Pin
Shuko Socket
(European Type)
Tele-Jack: Computer - Jack:
MILANO Tele-Jacks have Gold Plated Contacts. MILANO Computer jacks are avaliable in one module and two modules and have contact identification by both number and color code.
Flush Boxes:  
MILANO Provides boxes with horizental adjustmentof frame and knockouts that can be removed with a single stroke.